Our Story

Since 2008.

Rachna founded AdmissionCampus in Delhi, India, in 2008 using his last salary from his previous job. She worked with his family members that help at their Study table to help them find the right colleges and complete admission process for aspirants/students.

A Different Kind of College Counselling

For too many students, the college admissions process was scary, stressful, and unsuccessful. Rachna wanted to give AdmissionCampus families the opposite experience. It worked. One year later, over 100 students were enrolled in the AdmissionCampus program, and Rachna was no longer the only counselor.

Growing Our Company One Counselling at a Time

In the years that followed, we refined our AdmissionCampus system and slowly grew our company with additional offices, driven by word of mouth from students/families who were thankful that we’d taken the stress out of the process and helped them achieve their goals. We hired counsellors who liked kids and parents trusted. We turned our offices into a place where every family left feeling even better than they did when they arrived.


Almost 10 years after Rachna met with his first student at a coffee shop in a cafe in Delhi, AdmissionCampus has become the Delhi’s largest college counseling organization. With over 50 admissions experts banding together, we’re out to change the way that families approach the college admissions process. We think this should be an exciting time for students and parents, not a stressful, anxiety-ridden, cardiac arrest-inducing rite of passage. Whether you hire one of our counsellors, read our book, or just browse our blog (where we give away free advice every day), we’re going to be there injecting sanity and perspective into the process.