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AdmissionCampus specializes in pairing you with the counsellor best suited for your needs. When you are ready, fill out our consultation form and an admissions expert will contact you within 1-2 business days. We’re looking forward to getting to know your family and discussing your child’s college goals.

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Let us pair you with a counselor who can make your college dreams come true. Our counsellors are college admissions experts and have expertise in the following areas:

  • Managing the Application Process
  • College Interviews
  • Admission to Highly Selective Colleges
  • Finding Best-Fit Colleges
  • Merit Scholarships

Meet Your Admissions Expert

Working with a AdmissionCampus counselor means having access to your very own college admissions expert. Your counselor will partner with you to create a customized college application plan and tackle every part of the admissions process, from brainstorming those college interviews to pressing submit on your college applications.

While you’ll always interact with one counselor who knows your family best, your student will benefit from the collective experience of more than 50 AdmissionCampus admissions experts, many of whom have worked in admissions offices across the country at different colleges/ universities.

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